Singer Prafulla Kar has been felicitated by Governor M C Bhandare

{ Posted on Oct 28 2010 by odisha-newspaper }

Governor M C Bhandare felicitating eminent singer Prafulla Kar with Balakrushna Samman on behalf of ETV Amari Swara in Bhubaneswar on Saturday. It’s the ETV program Amari Swara where the real singing talents from the state use to take part in to show their ability. Well, this is a kind of reality show and competition among these talented singers where Prafulla Kar presents to promote the participants. On the same occasion Governor M C Bhandare has felicitated eminent singer Prafulla Kar with Balakrushna Samman and promoted the real talent of these singers. Well, it was a special occasion for both of these singers. Their dedication and skill set over the Oriya music has finally paid off when the Governor felicitated them during this event.

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