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Top cop of Commissinarate police commits suicide in Bhubaneswar

{ Posted on Apr 04 2011 by Admin }
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Bhubaneswar: An ACP rank city police officer on Friday committed suicide by hanging himself in his flat here. According to police, the deceased officer Pramod Kumar Satpathy (58), who worked in the intelligence wing of the city police, was found dead in ...Read More »

Contractor shot death in Cuttack

{ Posted on Mar 26 2011 by Admin }
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Bhubaneswar 24 Mar: In a broad-day shoot out on Thursday, a youth contractor was killed when he was shot from close range in Cuttack city around 25 km from here. The deceased was identified as Bijay Routray of ...Read More »

Villagers kill a leopard in Khurda

{ Posted on Jan 14 2011 by Admin }
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Bhubaneswar Jan 13: In a tragic incident, irate villagers on Thursday killed a leopard, after it attacked and injured two villagers in Gandarpur village in the outskirt of the city under Chandaka Police Station in Khurda district, nearly 10km from ...Read More »

Finally Raja Acharya and Chagala convicted for Biranchi Murder

{ Posted on Dec 15 2010 by Admin }
Fast track court in Bhubaneswar set to deliver the verdict to Sandeep Acharya, alias Raja and Akshaya Behera alias chagala  in the sensational case murder of judo coach Biranchi Das on Monday. Another witness and key player in the entire episode, ...Read More »

Senior IAS officer and his family shot dead

{ Posted on Jul 31 2009 by rutambhara }
Senior IAS officer Jagadanada Panda and his family were shot dead on friday morning, the mystery behind which hasn't yet solved.The heinous incident occurred in the Deogarh village in the Bargarh district at around 2 pm on friday morning which ...Read More »

Naxalites in Keonjhar, kidnapped 11 workers

{ Posted on Jul 27 2009 by rutambhara }
Naxalites have once again shown their terror  in Keonjhar district of Orissa.It has been reported that , in an attack in railway station, naxalites have kidnapped 11 workers on saturday.Police has not yet reached the victimized area. The target was Sagadapata ...Read More »

Attack in Australia continues, now an Indian Journalist

{ Posted on Jul 27 2009 by rutambhara }
A young Indian woman trying to expose the migration and education scams in Australia has been threatened and attacked. The woman, reporter of ABC TV, was working for a program 'Four Corners' for which she got threatening all along the weekend.In ...Read More »

Maoists attack continues in Nuapada

{ Posted on Jul 12 2009 by rutambhara }
Maoists are making their presence in all over the state.It is Similial wildlife sanctuary in Nuapada which has been targeted again by the red brigade on Saturday afternoon. It has been reported that 20 armed maoists attacked the office of Similipal ...Read More »

BJP leader Samir Dey arrested by Orissa police

{ Posted on Jul 10 2009 by rutambhara }
Orissa police arrested Ex-education minister of state and BJP leader Samir Dey in allegation of a Ice -trader.The committee of vendor zone has threatened Orissa police for arresting the minister,failing which they would have gone for strike. The minister was arrested ...Read More »

Shiney to stay at jail, bail rejected

{ Posted on Jul 08 2009 by rutambhara }
Rape tainted the hero turned gangster to stay at jail as he couldn't get the bail for the alleged case.A  session court in Mumbai on Wednesday  rejected his bail application, after arguments posed by the prosecution and defence counsel concluded ...Read More »