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Ten rupees now in coins

{ Posted on Jun 03 2009 by }
After much research, finally new ten rupee coin came to the market.The RBI executive chief H R Khan released the new coin in presence of other chief persons before the public.The bimetallic coin is very handy to use with outer ...Read More »

Meira Kumar, first woman to be the next Speaker

{ Posted on Jun 02 2009 by }
"It's a historic moment for the country as a woman is going to be the speaker of Parliament", says an overwhelming Meira Kumar, the candidate for the 14th Loksabha seat. The candidate selected for the next Loksabha speaker seat is the ...Read More »

Sehwag’s team out of IPL, Deccan Chargers make it to final

{ Posted on May 22 2009 by }
  After making it to semifinal after lots of up and down, finally the daredevils are out of IPL season 2. The teams which made into semifinal were Delhi Daredevils, Chennai Superstars, Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers.Today Delhi Daredevils were out ...Read More »

End of LTTE chapter….Prabhakaran shot dead

{ Posted on May 19 2009 by }
Terror comes in different name- the name which has ruled almost two countries for more than three decades was LTTE. And the chief operator of LTTE Vellupillai Pravakaran.Not only Srilanka , the terror has engulfed almost a huge part of ...Read More »

And the winner is……….

{ Posted on May 17 2009 by }
Election fever is over.After all the efforts, the much awaited election results has come up.Once again the UPA is leading the results with to rule the government.All the hard efforts played by the UPA has showed its colors.  In brief the results ...Read More »

Election! Election! Election! ….finally over

{ Posted on May 14 2009 by }
After a lot of campaigning including road rally to songs on media, today the exam is over. For a seat of 543 in loksabha the election was conducted in five phases all over the country. Today the fifth and ...Read More »

Indian companies lead in reputed list rankings

{ Posted on May 12 2009 by }
India is excelling in every field may it be in sports, literature, business or technology.After entering into the world of most powerful person and leading the list now, India has occupied its ranking in most reputed list of companies.In terms ...Read More »

Hello Robot- machine roboting modern man’s life

{ Posted on May 10 2009 by }
The more luxury occupying today's life of modern man, the more the life is becoming machine dependent.Machines have become a necessary ingredient for smooth maintainance of day-to-day life. Humans evolved mind is thinking of such a machine maintained world, where ...Read More »

Fourth Phase election Campaigning finished

{ Posted on May 05 2009 by }
After a high time, fourth phase election ended today.This time the total seats are 85, for which 1,315 candidates are trying their luck including 119 women candidates. The next election will be on THe next 7th of the month. This ...Read More »

Resignation of Prachanda in Nepal

{ Posted on May 04 2009 by }
Today Prachanda resignated from the post of Primeminister which led to disruption of peace in the atmosphere of Nepal.The trickery in the political field was the main reason behind the above decision taken by the president there. There was a huge misunderstanding between ...Read More »