Naxalites in Keonjhar, kidnapped 11 workers

{ Posted on Jul 27 2009 by rutambhara }

orissa naxalites

Naxalites have once again shown their terror  in Keonjhar district of Orissa.It has been reported that , in an attack in railway station, naxalites have kidnapped 11 workers on saturday.Police has not yet reached the victimized area.

The target was Sagadapata railway station of Harichandanpur block, which is 45 kms away from Keonjhar.The naxalites lashed out the place in the evening , and attacked with their armouries. After disrupting the things of the station, they kidnapped 11 workers including the station master.

Police hasnot taken any step to detect the place where naxalites might have taken the persons.”The incidence has been done by some local criminals of Keonjhar.It is not an act of naxalites”, said Asit Panigrahi, S.P, Police.

The villagers are in chaos after the incident.

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