Senior IAS officer and his family shot dead

{ Posted on Jul 31 2009 by rutambhara }

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Senior IAS officer Jagadanada Panda and his family were shot dead on friday morning, the mystery behind which hasn’t yet solved.The heinous incident occurred in the Deogarh village in the Bargarh district at around 2 pm on friday morning which was the victim’s village.

Jagadananda Panda was the protector of Emigrants in the ministry of oversees Indaian affairs.His father, wife and two sisters are shot dead, while his son has been admitted in vss medical hospital in critical condition.As reported by the Bargarh Sp, the door inside which all the dead bodies were found, was locked from inside.So it may be the act of any member of the family.But Police is on its way trying to solve the case considering other options wide open.

Some days back, the senior bureaucrat has got a raid of CBI for an allegation against the officer. It may be the reason behind the case. But the investigation is still open to get into the case, reports  Police official.

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