Orissa has a huge land for producing ‘Biodiesel’

{ Posted on May 14 2009 by rutambhara }


There is a huge land for the production of Biodiesel in Orissa.According to Jim Vann Druain Little, the representative of D-1 PLC company of UK, a person can earn 5000-20,000 rupees in an acre by farming Jatropha in the unutilized land. Mr Druain Little met Ajit Tripathy, Chief secretary at secretariat today with a representative team and said that in the coming days world is going to face oil problem.Thus as an alternative Jatropha has been planted for the production of biodiesel in all over the world.In this revolution, Orissa should participate.After the discussion with chief secretary Mr Druain Little reported to journalists that a MoU had been signed with MITS Group, Rayagada earlier in November, 2004 for generating awareness among Orissa people and planting Jatropha.Chief Executive of MITS Group, Sriram Panda said that, a proposal has been given to Chief Secretary for plantation of Jatropha in Panchayat level in collaboration of public, private and communities of the state.If Jatropha plantation can be done in the unutilized land, the farmers will get help.

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