And the winner is……….

{ Posted on May 17 2009 by rutambhara }


Election fever is over.After all the efforts, the much awaited election results has come up.Once again the UPA is leading the results with to rule the government.All the hard efforts played by the UPA has showed its colors. 

In brief the results are…… 

General Election 2009 Results
Information Available: – 543/543
                Party         Won
UPA       CONG         206

                DMK              18
                NCP                  9
               TC                    19 
               JMM                 2
               NC                     3
               Others             2
NDA       BJP             116 

                JD(U)            20
                SS                    11 
               SAD                  4
              AGP                   1
               RLD                  5

Front    Left                20

                BSP                 21
               JD(S)                 3
               AIADMK          9
               TDP                    6
               TRS                    2
               Others              9

                    SP               23

                    RJD              4

Other Parties             30


Congress has tied up with the alliance party and is leading the oponent BJP with more than 100 votes including its alliance. This government has declared that they were going to lead the government for the next five years.

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