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In a nation of 1.2 bn where education is of utmost importance , still many are unprivileged to avail it. Everything nowadays depends and runs on computers, yet there are millions who haven’t seen one. We live in a country where the number of jobs available in a year is much less than the number of babies born in a day . What is the use of education if it is not coupled with employment. A miracle is what it would take to bring back hope into the lives of millions of educated but unemployed youth . The prayers of many were answered in 2001 when an organization named eBiz.Com.Pvt Ltd was incepted at Noida . Since then it has fostered a new zeal of confidence and life amongst hundreds of students who had at some point lost hope . To start, its one of those few organizations which has taken a giant leap in bringing computer education back into the lives of many. With its exhaustive research it has combined self learning with e-education revolutionizing the way we used to study computers. With an astounding figure of 65 computer courses, starting with basic fundamentals of computers to the highly advanced programming languages, eBIZ.Com has become the one stop destination for all those underprivileged who were previously alien to the world of computers. The Course package has been designed to meet the demands and necessities of anyone who wants to make a good career in the field of computers or requires to learn it for general awareness . Not only that , eBIZ is the only organization in India which provides many of these basic courses in 12 regional Indian languages, Oriya being one of them. Just imagine yourself learning computers in your own mother tongue, Only ebiz gives this opportunity to anyone and everyone. If u thought this was enough, wait a minute, here is more. Ebiz also gives an utility section which comprises of more that 184 general topics which is a must know for every living individual. The whole package is coupled with 6 cd’s including 4 vcd’s which can be played on a vcd player in case you don’t own a personal computer. Amazing isn’t it? Now sit and think what actually can be d price of such an evolutionary product. Well , putting a cut to the chase its just Rs 9376 (inclusive of service tax paid to the govt of India). And hold on you don’t have to pay immediately. eBIZ gives you the freedom to test these courses for 40 long days before finally making a demand draft (No cash accepted). The icing on d cake being the money back guarantee. Just imagine Buying a luxury bike,test riding it for 40 long days and then having the leisure of not paying a single penny if u are not satisfied. If you think this is world class customer service, well then we have just begun. And now coming to d biggest problem of the nation, UNEMPLOYMENT. Every one of us studies hard expecting to earn a good living but with so many competing, somewhere down the line everyone has to compromise with failures, circumstances and setbacks. Here comes ebiz again as it gives us an optional and free opportunity for self employment . eBIZ does not believe in spending crores of money on advertisements or promotions as that would only aggrandize the product cost. eBIZ believes in creating new dimensions for the masses and therefore if you like the quality and standard of courses you can help the company to promote its package by word of mouth publicity. Following certain criteria if u generate a required number of sales via your referrals you can earn a handsome amount of commission (TDS paid to the government). What a boon it is for all those who do not get a job and also to those who are not satisfied with their present income. In short its a one place destination for everyone who desires to become self independent or require an additional income. But recently there have been some allegations on the functioning of this organization by the media. The company has been accused of being involved in money circulation and there have also been reports of the president of the company Dr. Pawan Malhan being arrested. When we contacted company officials in Noida we found these allegations to be completely BASELESS and IMAGINARY. There had been an inquiry on the company by the ECONOMIC AFFAIRS WING in Chandigarh and towards the founder in New Delhi but no evidence could be found and the company was given a clean chit, Its a completely registered company with an ISO 9001-2008 certification. When we tried to further uncover the truth behind the allegations , we discovered to our surprise that the same people who claimed eBIZ to be a fraudulent company, were themselves associates of the company in the past having earned lacs of rupees from the very same organization but today these people have formed a nexus with a rival company and the very reason of all these false allegations is to defame the company. So in the end what we would suggest is that eBIZ still remains flawless when it comes to genuinity.

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