End of LTTE chapter….Prabhakaran shot dead

{ Posted on May 19 2009 by rutambhara }


Terror comes in different name- the name which has ruled almost two countries for more than three decades was LTTE. And the chief operator of LTTE Vellupillai Pravakaran.Not only Srilanka , the terror has engulfed almost a huge part of India.But today, in a war between Srilankan Government and LTTE militants, LTTE chief Prabhakaran was shot dead.

In a journalist meeting, Srilankan Government announced the death of the leader of LTTE after the DNA test of the dead body.The dead body was recovered from Nandikadal lagoon in an area where there wasn’t even the mention of gun powder.According to the military chief spokesperson , the dead body was found in uniform with bullets holed inside.

Yesterday, the death of Prabhakaran was announced during the middle of a TV show in the afternoon.Though, the exact reason behind his death hasn’t been declared yet.

According to military lieutenant General Sareth Fonesko, “We responsibly declare that the country is free of terrorism today. On Monday, the militants has swiped the entire terrorists today from northern region.” The information department of the country even announced his death by sending sms to each citizen. Prabhakaran was caught hold when he was escaping from the sight in an ambulance.Military has also recovered the dead body of LTTE chief’s son Carles Anthony, Communities political head B. Nadesan, S. Pulideban and some other gang bodies.

The primary aim of the LTTE was to create a separate Tamil state splitting Srilanka for more than three decades.In this war more than 40,000 has been dragged to death in this 30 years.The death of their chief has helped to bring peace after a long awaited year.

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