Resignation of Prachanda in Nepal

{ Posted on May 04 2009 by rutambhara }

Today Prachanda resignated from the post of Primeminister which led to
disruption of peace in the atmosphere of Nepal.The trickery in the political field
was the main reason behind the above decision taken by the president there.
There was a huge misunderstanding between the armychief and the primeminister
since a long before.
Being the leader of maoists , Prachanda was in the favour of adding maoists
candidate in the army force which wasnot supported by the army general.This was the cause
Prachanda appointed another armygeneral .This decision was the main drawback which
resigned Prachanda from Primeministerial post.
UN secratary has warned Nepal government to resolve the issue at the earliest.”Being
our neighbouring country, a disturbance in Nepal will definitely affect India’s peace”,
said Manmohan Singh.He said , “we have tightened our border security, to defend against the
situation.CPM leader Sitaram Yechury said in a meeting that, “India shouldn’t interfere
into the matter of the neighbouring country.”

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