Swine flu fear made Oriyas to return from Pune

{ Posted on Aug 17 2009 by rutambhara }


The huge amount of passengers in the Orissa-Maharashtra inbound trains with covered mask on their faces show the terror of the dreaded disease swine flu among the Oriyas who were staying at Pune for some or the other reason.Pune , with the maximum number of casualties  is the worst place  to live in this situation.

The panic worsened among the Oriya residents there after the  death of a  native of Ganjam due to the attack of swine flu, who was staying at Pune.Both students and employees are returning back home in fear.A crowd of Pune return students and employees hit the floor at Berhampur railway station.

Ganjam Chief District Medical officer has assured about the facilities available in the district to tackle swine flu.

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