Hemamalini campaigns at Bhubaneswar

{ Posted on Apr 19 2009 by rutambhara }

Hemamalini at Bhubaneswar

This election has gathered most of the bollywood celebrities on the road for campaigning. When Salman Khan is roaming around Mumbai for Party campaigning, bollywood’s dream girl and BJP Rajya sabha MP Hemamalini is for campaigning at Orissa.In her visit she strongly aatcked BJD govenment at State and UPA Govt. at Center. She argued the price rise, terrorists attacked are all due to the paralysed Govt.

She blamed Naveen and his Govt. for betraying BJP. “After 9 years of strong support of BJP , Naveen has destroyed the coalition principle. Orissa , a state rich in minerals and cultural heritage is not poor.But only a capable govt. in hand of BJP can explore its potential.” Dream girl said.

For tieing the Orissa people inknot of emotion, She said, “I love Orissa, for which I have come here several time for learning dance and dance show”

She campigned in four parts of Orissa and appealed for vote in favour of BJP govt.Among others BJP state legislative party leader Mr Biswabhusan Harichandan, youth leader prithviraj Harichandan, Bhubaneswar MP candidate Archana Nayak and Jatni MLA candidate Sudipta Ray were present.

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