Naveen’s Government made hattrick

{ Posted on May 21 2009 by rutambhara }


Today 11:36 am was luckiest time for Naveen Patnaik.After creating a history in  Orissa Government, Naveen today take oath for the third time in a row in this moment.20 ministers took oath with him.This also creates a record for a regional team to build Government for the third time.

It is for the first time where any regional party  made  the govt.  without any other external support.Also  in Orissa, It’s the first time where any chief minister comes for the third time.There are too many regional parties existing in Orissa.But till now,no party was able to made the govt alone without the support of any other party.It’s the first time  the contradiction occurs.So it definitely makes a proud moment for whole Orissa.

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