Orissa Phase II election- an overview

{ Posted on Apr 23 2009 by rutambhara }

In orissa , phase II election is finished for 11 loksabha seats and 77 assembly seats.The voters percentage
is estimated to be 61.46%.This twin election for Loksabha and Assembly seats is crucial for Orissa’s Chief
 minister Naveen Pattnaik as it will decide more than others the fate of Naveen as a politician and his ruling
over the next years.The results are estimated to be released within 16th of may.

With very small riots observed at few places, the overall election was conducted smoothly. In places like Kendrapara
Jajpr, Angul, Bhadrak, Nayagarh, Keonjhar there were small disturbances.In patapura constituency of Kendrapara, there
had been a fighting between BJD and BJP partymen in 222 no. booth. The two candidates Sarada Prasad Nayak and Bijay
Mohapatra were seriously injured and each one blemes the other.Police has arrested Sarada Prasad Nayak on creating

At some places Voters have rejected for voting as noone listens to them from a long time about their troubles.In Budhapanka
panchayat of Angul Voters claimed for not having good water supply to their area and this is why they have decided in mass
 not to vote. Similar cases have been found in Bhandrak and Nayagarh districts.

After the Phase I election, party’s are found distributing notes among the people standing in queuein a poll booth at Bhadrak.
The same scenario has been captured in front of a poll booth at Kendrapara.Police have recovered ten thousand rupees from general
 people outside the poll distributing money.Voters were given Rs 20/- to Rs 100/- for each vote. It is from the party of BJD as the
leaflets given with the money holds the BJD symbol with its nominees name.Police haven’t yet disclosed anything about the recovered
 money and the party behind it.

There was a fighting among the party members and the general people in a booth at Cuttack for tampering of the Electronic Voting machine.
It has been found that the vote goes to BJD leader after pressing any of the buttons present in the list.Although no official details
has been reported yet.In some other places like Balasore, Khurda, Puri, Keonjhar there was a delay in voting due to the malfunctioning
of EVM(Electronic voting machines).At some places voting started after 5 pm in the evening due to the delay.

The scorchng heat has played its role in this hot summer during election.Two policemen and three general people have met their end during

Amidst of all the above discrepancies, Phase II election is over today.

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