Politicians spoil the youth at Puri

{ Posted on Apr 19 2009 by rutambhara }

It has been found that politicians spend huge amount of money to attract the youth just few days before their
 elections by donating for renovations of clubs and community centers.A burning example can be found at puri.
According to a senior citizen here , “Noone bothers to utilize the money for the improvement of these clubs
and cnters. The money donated by the parties are entirely spent on feasts and entertainment by the yougsters
who are in charge of these community centers.”

The community centers known as Jagaghar was once a buzzword among the youths here. These centers used to train
 martial art to young ones for protecting the shrines. Wrestling, body building, combating, martial arts, aerobics
– were the exercises they used to learn here.As said by another citizen of Puri, ” Due to lack of patronage, the
youngsters were demoralized and dishearted. Some of them, even got involved in antisocial activities. The unity
among them later gave way enmity and hostility.”

Initially there were Jagaghars built on seven streets namely- kalikadevi, Harchandi, Matimandap, Markandeswar,
Dolamandap, Bali, Markandeswar, Goudabadsahi, Markandeswar, kundheibanta. But with the increasing popularity
and their acceptance among the youth, their number had risen to 61.Although there were now almost 50 Jagaghars existing
at the Puri, none of them are well deployed.

It has been found that nearly sixty Thousand was received from each candidate for Jagaghar. But not even the half of it
was used for its renovation. According to the managers of Jagaghars, “the received fund was invested properly for the
reconstruction.Not even a penny is misutilized.”But the conditions of Jagaghars explains it all and speaks the truth.

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