What is your relation with Orissa?

{ Posted on Apr 22 2009 by rutambhara }

Lal Krishna Advani, Narendra Modi, Hemamalini, Sunil shetty,Sushama Swaraj, Gajendra Chauhan, Rajnath Singh
Raman Singh —–who all are they?What is their relationship with the orissa people?Why Oriyas will believe you ?
Are they going to take care of Orissa people after election?
Both BJP and Congress are inviting celebrities and leaders from different region for campaigning their vote.
Tommorrow, second poll election is going to be held. But BJD hasnot invited any outsiders. As it is a regional
 party, it is not possible even to invite anyone from outside.BJD doesn’t even thought of inviting any bollywood
personality for writing their recommendation letter.Naveen has mentioned this thing categorically before press.
He mentioned that these outsiders only shows their face during election.Naveen has warned Orissa people not to
believe in their false promises.

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