Low Pressure creates depression, Orissa on alert

{ Posted on May 24 2009 by rutambhara }
Orissa news

Orissa news

Low pressure has been centralized near 350 kms from Paradeep. It is likely to rain for the next 48 hrs in the coastal region of Orissa. According to the information from meterology department, chances are there the wind will pass the coastal regions of Orissa and will enter West Bengal border in the next 48 hours.

The coastal regions are on high alert as today raining has crossed 25cms.This seasonal wind has crossed Kerala a week ago. It had been expected to enter Orissa belt after June 10, but it was earlier.

Some of the places has been affected by the influence of wind.It is likely to create cyclone within the next 24 hrs if the wind won’t cross the Orissa border.

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