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Plan mooted to streamline health sector

{ Posted on Aug 28 2011 by Admin }
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Bhubaneswar: The government is taking every possible step to streamline the health sector in the state, informed Health and Family Welfare Minister Prasanna Acharya in the Assembly. To ensure to provide quality medical facility to the poor patients the minister announced ...Read More »

Cold Intense wave continues in All odisha

{ Posted on Dec 25 2010 by Admin }
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The intense cold has also resulted in the death of several birds and aquatic animals. Sources in the local Met office said that most of the districts recorded temperature below 8 degree Celsius. The temperature recorded on Wednesday is ...Read More »

Swine flu fear made Oriyas to return from Pune

{ Posted on Aug 17 2009 by rutambhara }
The huge amount of passengers in the Orissa-Maharashtra inbound trains with covered mask on their faces show the terror of the dreaded disease swine flu among the Oriyas who were staying at Pune for some or the other reason.Pune , ...Read More »

Swine flu affected first Oriya from Pune died

{ Posted on Aug 14 2009 by rutambhara }
The outbreak of swine flu has terrorized humans multiple times than that of swine.Although undetected, but several cases has been admitted in Orissa hospital for this deadly disease.The first attack of swine flu was on a oriyaman from Pune.The person ...Read More »

Swine flu reported in Berhampur, Orissa

{ Posted on Aug 10 2009 by rutambhara }
Swine flu is spreading its scare throughout the country, Orissa is no way behind the lap of swine flu. The first suspect of swine flu is tested negative, who was from Pithapur, Cuttack. And another swine flu case has been reported ...Read More »

Reality rocks in assembly again

{ Posted on Jun 18 2009 by rutambhara }
Perhaps, if anyone wants to know about the reality thats going on in any state, its the opposite party tongue in assembly which tells  the truth. In our state, on wednesday, opposition showed samples of low quality rice that has been delievered ...Read More »