Bus hijacked in Malkanagiri,Orissa

{ Posted on Jun 21 2009 by rutambhara }

In the big threat of maoism, a new case seen in the villages of Malkanigiri, where suspected villagers and Maoists, hijacked a bus in Malkanigiri district on Saturday.The villagers were urging before for the bus services between Bhejanwada village and Jeypore.Police has linked the hijacking case with the bus demand before.

The bus was hijacked near Gumphakonda Chowk, about 50kms away from Malkanigiri, by the villagers.According to the report of Police, the bus was on its way to Jeypore from MV 88.The villagers forced the driver to move from the bus and took the bus away about 20 km from Gumphakonda Chowk.

Satyabrata Bhoi, SP of Malkanagiri reported, “Three bus employees are in arrest of the hijackers.The bus owner had been called for a talk with the villagers.We are keeping a watch in the situation.”

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