Loaded gun found from a US national at Chennai Airport

{ Posted on Jun 11 2009 by rutambhara }

At Chennai Airport security personnels caught hold a 58-year old US national of having a loaded revolver with him.He was arrested and taken into jurisdiction.The person named Sellemeyer was arrested by security personnel while scanning his baggage during the security check up at the enrance of the airport.

Although, the security personnels haven’t mentioned anything before media, but Sellemeyer said that he was ignorant about the Indian laws and wasn’t aware that travelling with a gun is considered illegal in flight.

He has come to Chennai last week for his security check up at a private hospital.The news of arrestation was informed to American consulate for his identity confirmation, and he has been confirmed as a US citizen.

Police said that they have recovered 35 bullets and 3 magazines from the person.Security is taking their action and hope this will not be big threat for Indians again.

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