Maoists eye on money, looted SBI at Koraput

{ Posted on Jun 28 2009 by rutambhara }

orissa maoist

Maoists has stepped one path forward in this one month, threatning the Government and citizens of Orissa.This time they have crossed the limit with loooting the bank at Machhakund, Koraput.Maoists has attacked the State bank of India(SBI) on friday night around 11 pm.As per the police officials , they have theft 6 lakhs 30 thousand rupees.In the last month, this is the second violence by Maoists in Machhakund.Maoists has bombarded on the police station of the area on 7th of this month.

Nearly at 11 in the night, around 50 armed  maoists entered the village . First , they tortured some of the villagers to enquire about the whereabouts of the officials of SBI.Maoists entered the home of K.V.R. murty, manager SBI, Binayak Behera, cashier, and T Krishna, an employee and forced them to open the bank.Aferlooting money, maoists forced the bank officials to open the gold vault.But as the key wasn’t with them, the maoists left the place.As a precaution from police attack, the maoists had put heavy logs in the road of Machhakund-lamtapat, Machhakund-Jalaput.They took away 10 mobiles of the near people before leaving the place.Police reached there in the morning and started their investigation.Although, the right amount of money hasn’t yet detected, but the estimation is around 6 lakhs and 30 thousand.

After this two serious attack by moists on this particular place, Government should make the place more tight in security, which hasn’t been done yet.

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