Presiding Officer died due to the carelessness of Govt.

{ Posted on Apr 24 2009 by rutambhara }

When there was crowded in front of Bhubananda School at Cuttack for depositing EVM
one presiding officer unknowingly fell into the half open water sump present there.
Rajesh Biswal was the presiding officer from 216 no. booth of Mahanga region of Cuttack.
He was a lecturer in one of Cuttack Engineering College.At the campus , there was a huge
crowd for depositing the EVM polling machine. A small disturbance occured within the crowd
and in this disturbance he fell into the half open sump.
It is purely the mistake of Governement as it hasn’t taken any care for the safety of the area.
The district officer has said that they will go deep into the case.

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