Villagers kill a leopard in Khurda

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Bhubaneswar Jan 13: In a tragic incident, irate villagers on Thursday killed a leopard, after it attacked and injured two villagers in Gandarpur village in the outskirt of the city under Chandaka Police Station in Khurda district, nearly 10km from here. According to sources, at around 5.30 am on Thursday morning, when some youths of the village had gone to the nearest riverside to do their morning habits, they spotted the leopard in a bush. All of sudden the leopard rushed towards us and attacked two of us resulting severe injuries in leg, hand and back, said two injured
persons who are now going under treatment in Capital hospital in the city. By the time news spread, irate villagers rushed to the spot and
started attacking the animal with bats, iron rod and stumps and killed the animal on the spot, sources said. According to the forest officials, soon after getting the news the Nandankanan zoo officials rushed to the spot and despite our repeated warnings and also requests the irate villagers heard nothing and killed this rare animal by beating him mercilessly with cricket bat, stump and iron rod. During this activity five people also were injured. When asked about the negligence of the forest department about the rescue of the cat, Jayanta Kumar Das, city DFO who visited the spot said, we try our best to save the animal but the information did not reach to the right people at right time which may cause the death of
the animal. We had come to the spot with full preparation to take the cat in to our custody but before to our arrival the tiger was beaten to death,
said Mr. Das. At this time we can’t say the tiger’s whereabouts, it is suspected that the cat may slipped from the nearest Chandaka forest but we are yet to ascertain.  The investigation has already been started into the sensitive incident, said DFO Akshaya Patnaik. Meanwhile Chief Minister Naveen Patanaik expressed deep concern into this inhuman incident and sought a report from forest officials, sources said. “Strong action will be taken against the people involved in this killing according to the wild life conservation act”, said chief forest conservator.

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