Modern police patrolling system for Orissa police

{ Posted on Mar 10 2011 by Admin }

Bhubaneswar Mar 9: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday inaugurated the modern police patrolling system of the Commissionerate police here.

Inaugurating this programme Mr. Patnaik said this much advanced
technological support would definitely ensure a speedy and effective police
patrolling and action. This initiative would really help the police
functioning in ensuring in decrease the “response time”.

“It would really do a great for the police department,” informed Mr

Through this modern police patrolling facility better known as multi
telephonic call system, the police personnel in the control room will
receive various calls at a time and at the same time it shows the
geographical location from where the caller ring. Simultaneously it would
communicate the message to the nearby PCR for necessary action.

Saying it is the first such of its kind in Orissa Mr B K Sharma Commissioner
of police said by this new developed system, we able to keep a vigil on our
nearly 60 PCR vans and can detect them accordingly for a speedy action and
It will really strengthen our capacity and we can make people feel more
secure and familiar as the communication process will be very short and
effective here, said Mr Sharma.

This novel programme is initiated by a foreign company.

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