Sabitri Puja by last ‘Devadasi’

{ Posted on May 24 2009 by rutambhara }


The tradition of Orissa has been appreciated and well recognized all over the world for its rich heritage. One of our traditional festival ‘Sabitri Puja’ has become the part and parcel of the women of Orissa.Every Women make this puja for tpraying for the life of their better half. This tradition also welcomes the significance of  ‘Devdasi’ , the dancer for Sri Jagannath who dedicates her life in the feet of Sri Jagannath.

Today on the occasion of Sabitri Puja , the last devdasi Sasimani Devi made fasting for her husband Lord Sri Jagannath.
Sasimani Devi is at the age of above 90. Still she feel proud in doing this puja considering Sri Jagannath as her husband.

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