Woman hanged herself inside Jagannath temple

{ Posted on May 26 2009 by rutambhara }


A woman was found hanged inside Koili Baikuntha of Lord Sri Jagannath temple on Tuesday.This unfortunate incident must have been taken place in the calm hours of Monaday night, as said by the police officials on duty.

The woman is expected to be at her old age.She has hanged herself in a place in front of shrine where very few people visits.The “nabakalebar” shrines , the old shrine of the trilords are buried deep inside it and hence the place is known as ‘koilibaikuntha’, the abode of cuckoo.

This incident made the authorities to stop all the holy works for 3-4 hours to purify the place. After sprinkling of holy water and doing some prayers , the regular prayers of Lord Jagannath started.

The body has been taken for postmortems.The police officials reported to give furthur explanations after thorough searching. The old woman hasn’t been identified yet.

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