Champua in Starlight

{ Posted on Apr 20 2009 by rutambhara }

raveenaChampua constituency in Keonjhar district shows a picture of poverty.A place known for 300 road accidents death and nearly 30, 000 trucks crossing the roadwith iron ore.The city with the highest rate of pollution claims unhealthy life style of the natives here.Highway robbery, looting, bank robbery are part of daily lives which is why the people here live in unsafe and chaos.

But the candidates here fighting to become MLA has surprised the entire district.There are 20 candidates competing for this hilly, barren Champua constituency.The mining area has made the residents “kuber” in terms of money. A congress candidate, Jitu Pattnaik is one perfect example of Kuber.55-year pattnaik, former chairman of Joda municipality, has fleet of vehicles and shows strong interest in mining business.With the stardoms entering the political campaign, Pattnaik decided of adding glamour to his show.He roped Raveena Tondon and Sunil Shetty, to gain the attraction from the poverty face of the constituency.

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