Nalco staff on strike

{ Posted on Apr 21 2009 by rutambhara }
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Around 800 nalco employees demonstrated their anger infront of their administrative office in Damanjodi demanding the dismissal of thier CMD.They alleged that although a week has been passed since the heinous act , not a single officer has visited the site.

They demanded that there would be no work at the mines after 6 pm and armed escorts be provided in vehicles transporting employees to the mining area. According to the secretary of Nalco mining employees Union Bipin Khemendu,” Since the occurrence of the incident , there was no visit from any of the officer to the area atleast for emotional support.The employees are traumatized and are not in a sensitive condition to get back to the work.”

Since the terrorists attack of April 12, the area has been sealed and bomb disposal squads are on duty to detect and inactivate the mining area.It will take some time for smooth functioning of the mine activity again.


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