Sehwag’s team out of IPL, Deccan Chargers make it to final

{ Posted on May 22 2009 by rutambhara }



After making it to semifinal after lots of up and down, finally the daredevils are out of IPL season 2. The teams which made into semifinal were Delhi Daredevils, Chennai Superstars, Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers.Today Delhi Daredevils were out of the session by Deccan chargers in the semifinal and entered the final of season 2.

Batting first, Delhi Daredevils make 153 runs in 20 overs by loosing 8 wickets.The 154 target score was easily chased by Deccan chargers in the second innings. In 17.3 overs they beat the run in just 4 wickets. Captain A Gilchrist started booming the batting in the second half with fours and sixes by scoring 85 in just 35 balls. He made the team reach a easy point where it was easy to access the score.

Although Sehwaag has put all his hard efforts to th eteam, but he couldn’t make into the final like the last time.The Deccan charger owner who was present their was very happy for the success of their team and hugged the captain happily after the winning.

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