Team BJP loses its senior member Arun Jaitley

{ Posted on Jun 16 2009 by rutambhara }

General secretary Arun Jaitley of the team BJP resigned  from  his position from his party. His appointment was a debatable issue raised by several members of the party.Arunjaitley

BJP president Rajnath Singh today declared about the resignation given by Arun Jaitley. Rajnath Singh said that, he had given his resignation six-seven days back before he left for London.

In his resignation letter, Jaitley said he was resigning from the post of general secretary under one-man, one-post rule of the party after his appointment as leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, Singh said.Singh also declared the acceptance of the resignation.

Jaitley was attacked by other BJP party members for getting more reward than the requirement.Jaswant Singh and Yeshwant Sinha have previously raised the issue of appointing Arun Jaitley as the general secretary and leader of opposition.

Whatever the reason, BJP is diminishing its importance day-by-day and losing their values.

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