Election poll again for 25 different booths in Orissa

{ Posted on May 02 2009 by rutambhara }

After the dismissal of election polls due to various reasons, once again
 poll will be conducted in 25 booths. There will be vote in 22 booths of
Nawarangpur, 2 booths of Nayagarh and 1 booth in barbati of Cuttack district.
Including 13 areas of Malkanagiri district and 1 Chitrakoot area, Nawarangpur
is on high military alert.The naxalites had looted the ballot box in those far
-flung areas.Some areas are reconducting poll due to the tampering in ballot
machine.The poll will be conducted from morning 7 to afternoon 3 in Nawarangpur
 districts.Both Nayagarh and Cuttack voting will continue till 5 in the evening.

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