Autopsy introduces the skeletal Michael Jackson, pills and scars left in the body

{ Posted on Jun 29 2009 by rutambhara }


The autopsy result of dead body of Michael Jackson introduces to a new worn out pop icon, whom nobody has ever imagined.A virtual skeleton, bald headed, broken ribs, hips , thighs and shoulders with the mark of punched needles left highly disappointed to his millions of fans.

As per the leaked autopsy results, Jackson had been injured with several scar marks all over the body. Report says, Jackson was under treatment from some time.His whole body had been wounded with narcotic painkiller injections, given three times a day for years.The examination report says he had been living with a handful of food from  some days which made him anorexic.Pathologists report claimed that the singer has partly dissolved medicine pills in his stomach before taking the painkiller injection.The report also claims that the singer was having just an inch of hair on his head except his wigs wrapped up.

In an attempt to save him from  cardiac collapse, four life savers adrenalin injections had been pumped above the cardiac part which resulted in wounds near the cardiac region.Three of the injections got right inside the heart but the fourth one missed the target and entered the rib leaving a wound there.

The pop pillar has a record of doing plastic surgery for more than 13 times, which has left his body marked all over.In just skin and bone, he was on a diet of only medicines and injections, as revealed by his doctors and family members.

According to the recount of this on La Belle Forme clinic‘s blog it would seem that, Jackson was under the treatment of cardiologist, Dr Carnad Murray, who had been with him in the last moment of his life.The cardiologist had made a mistake of not giving an injection demerol at the last moment of his life which was the requirement of the hour.The dead body was lying on the bed, but a patient should be made to stay in hard surface before making resuscitation attempts.This explains the carelessness of a sincere doctor.

Health reasons finally took away 50-year old Michael Jackson far away from his fans in a covered coffin.

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