Hello Robot- machine roboting modern man’s life

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The more luxury occupying today’s life of modern man, the more the life is becoming machine dependent.Machines have become a necessary ingredient for smooth maintainance of day-to-day life. Humans evolved mind is thinking of such a machine maintainedrobot-asimo world, where machine  will lessen all the necessities of life making man the ultimate supreme.Yes, all these dreams of human has evolved the machine man or Robot. Robot is now playing as a colleague of human being in each and every field.

The machinery toys with which children’s play has given the idea of evolution of Robots.Putting the key, the toy will dance, sing, run and entertain the child.When scientists thought of inserting toughest technology to make the advanced toys of this kind , they named it as Robot.Robot is a electromechanical system which works independently.Robot is generally of two types: Mechanical robots and computer operated robots known as bots.Although there is not a perfect definition for defining which machine should be called as Robots , but any machine that revolves around itself , that can make work its parts, can show different response to different environments and can work independently showing intelligence like human and other animal is defined as Robot.The history of making Robot is very long.But it was 20th century when a full fledge Robot came into existence.

History of Robot:

In epics there has been mentioned of many imaginary characters. Greek Lord Hephaistus had many imaginary elfs.In Muslim stories also there has been mentioned of such imaginary characters.Greek mathematician Arkittas had made a machine operated dove which can gain momentum in steam.Alexander was also having many self operated machines, which were working in wind pressure, steam and water.In 1088, Su Sang had created a clock tower which shows the  time automatically in some part of China.Within 1136 and 1206 AD a muslim inventor named Al Zazari had developed a number of self operated machine like cooking equipments, water operated musical instrument .This human like Robot had been used as a singer in boats and as a entertainer in the court of the king.

Nearly in 1495, Leonardo Da Vinci had sketched a human shaped Robot. This sketch was came into lime light in the year 1950 and was named as Leonardo Robot.This Robot was capable of sitting, shaking its hand and head and moving its jaws.This Robot design had been done as like the structure of a human being. Between 1738 and 1739, Jacques Devaucanson had  created different Robots of different sizes including duck robot, flute playing Robot.The Duck robot was capable of playing with its wings.It can lengthen its neck, can pick food from the visitors hand.During 1700, in Japan a number of different large size Robots were invented , out of which a Robot named ” Karakur” was famous who was capable of offering tea. From 1799 and 1881 Japan’s handicraft workers had designed a number of different varieties of Robots. In 1926, Westinghouse electric corporation created a large model Robot named “Televox” which can do many complex works.In 1930 Japanese successfully launched another Robot named ” Electro” which has amazed others with its creation. Japan’s first man size robot “Gakutensoku” had been designed by the scientist Makato Nisimura. England was noway behind in these inventions. In 1948-1949, first electronic autonomous Robot named as ” Elmor and Elsi” created by William Gre Walter had surprised the world. It was capable of detecting light and darkness and was even capable of sending signals to outer world.First modern Robot came into existence in the year 1954 by George Davel which was operated digitally.It was named “Unimet” and  Davel had sold it to Genera motors.

Naming of Robot:

Karele Kapek , Chekoslovakia writer has made the term Robot popular through his play Rosmos- Universal Robot. This play was showed in the year 1921. It was about an industry, where artificial human were manufactured named as Robots. The imagination matches with the idea of clonning.Karel Kapek had mentioned that he was thinking of giving the name “Labori” which in Latin means work , but later he renamed it as Robot as suggested by his brother . Robot also means the same as work or hard work.

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