Now its Canada ! Indians are being tortured again

{ Posted on Jun 10 2009 by rutambhara }

The fire for racism over Indians by Australian communities hasn’t been over yet, another such issue arised at the center of Canada.It has been reported that Indians are insulted by a group of young Canadians in the outskirt of Vancouver, while playing tennis match.

Four Canadians are arrested by Canadian Police for racially harassing, robbing and socially threatning Indian guys on Friday. Out of the four , a young lady is also been involved in the case.At Jackman Park tennis court, near AlderGrove , four teenager Canadians are found to attack six tennis player while shouting racial slogans with metal bar in their hands. 

All the four culprits are having a track record of murder, robbery and case of assultation and hence are captured again by the police.Two of them are even minor at an age of 15 and 16.The captives will be appearing on court in the mid of June.orissa-news

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